A Fistful of Snow: Overview
A Fistful of Snow [2009] / Directing/Producing

A Fistful of Snow: Overview

The poster for the Edinburgh run (much the same as the poster for the Brighton run). Yes, that’s shaving foam.  ‘a box of delights’ (Broadway Baby)  ‘witty, clever and utterly compelling’ (Latest 7)  1/2 ‘wacky, thoughtful and funny’ (FringeGuru)  ‘cleverly written and impressively executed piece of original theatre (FringeReview)  ‘hilarious, poignant and quite simply bizarre’ (ThreeWeeks) … Continue reading

A Fistful of Snow [2009] / Directing/Producing / Reviews

A Fistful of Snow (***) [published in The List, Issue 637]

BY LAURA ENNOR Danny Alder plays Chester James, a writer who has inexplicably ended up in Svalbard guarding the world seed bank, paralysed by the success of his first novel, and with only an inflatable moose, a pompous budgie and a hungry polar bear for company. It’s not sophisticated or slick, but there are some … Continue reading