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Final Score (***)

An argument between adult couples hinges on their children in Lisa Fulthorpe’s tragi-comedy, and the result starts well, but quickly descends into hysterical melodrama. Decent performances and clean direction mean that the production works, but it could do with a more settled plot. At the Camden Fringe. Celebrating the shared 16th birthday party of their … Continue reading / Review / Writing: Journalism

Is Anything Broken? (**)

Dan Davies’ radio play adapts poorly to the stage, with lacklustre direction and performances, although the writing betrays the spark of a talented dialogue writer. But a rather predictable story and a mundane situation let the writing down, which, combined with the poor production, leads to a rather disappointing overall result. At the Camden Fringe. … Continue reading / Review / Writing: Journalism

Concrete Boots (*****)

LOW DOWN Fringe theatre is a peculiar style to get exactly right: often experimental, frequently rollicking somewhere between amateur and professional… It’s a rare piece that fits so perfectly into the confines of this particular form of theatre, that so embodies the inventive quirkiness that makes fringe theatre so enjoyable, watchable, and such a different … Continue reading