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Perfectly complemented: Bye Bye World at Battersea Arts Centre (****)

After successful runs at various Fringe Festivals, Gehring and Ketelaars brought their critically acclaimed show Bye Bye World to Battersea Arts Centre for two nights only, as well as presenting their new scratch piece. If this piece and the snippet of their next is anything to go by, these are two performers you certainly shouldn’t miss the next time they … Continue reading / Review / Writing: Journalism

Cinderella, Kneehigh Style: Midnight’s Pumpkin at Battersea Arts Centre (****)

The anarchic and brilliant Kneehigh bring their Christmas show to Battersea Arts Centre, and their particular brand of performance marries perfectly with BAC’s immersive environment – the resulting show could do with a bit more pep, but is otherwise a brilliant panto alternative this Christmas. It becomes quickly clear that the cleverly titled Midnight’s Pumpkin … Continue reading / Review / Writing: Journalism

Statements: Sight Is The Sense That Dying People Tend To Lose First at Battersea Arts Centre (****)

I expected Tim Etchells’ monologue, playing in tandem with Forced Entertainment’s The Coming Storm at Battersea Arts Centre last weekend, to be a little peculiar – what else would you expect from a man at the forefront of avant-garde theatre? He doesn’t disappoint here, but this is not as disruptive or frustrating as I thought it would … Continue reading / Review / Writing: Journalism

Magical journeys: The Good Neighbour at Battersea Arts Centre (***)

Battersea Arts Centre have thrown their many, many doors open for another of their highly regarded promenade theatre events. This time, they are giving their space to a large number of loyal compatriots to create an interactive performance rooted in their Battersea home, as well as launching a new programme for local interaction. The idea … Continue reading / Review / Writing: Journalism

Sounds Like a Simulation: Motor Vehicle Sundown at the Battersea Arts Centre (****)

An audio piece to be played while sat in a car may not sound particularly enthralling on paper, but Andy Field’s quirky little piece is a rather fascinating delving into the nature of car journeys as well as a modernist parable on the nature of simulation – and as such, I’m in two minds as … Continue reading / Review / Writing: Journalism

The Coming Storm (**)

Forced Entertainment specialise in creating theatre that ‘articulates and engages with the contemporary world’, but their latest project The Coming Storm fails to be anything more than an interesting insight into the idiosyncracies of story-telling. As a show, it’s rather dull and rather uninspired – a couple of nice moments are not enough in this muddled production. … Continue reading