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Filth: EastEnd Cabaret at Mimetic 2013 (***)

EastEnd Cabaret’s combination of musical cabaret stylings and a rather unapologetically crude set list have made them rather popular (as has, arguably, the male/female character Victor/Victoria’s photogenic get-up), but there is a definite classy talent behind it all. If only there was some variance to their act… At Mimetic 2013. Cabaret has a tendency to … Continue reading / Review / Writing: Journalism

Not nearly enough variety: Royal National Theatre of Fools at Mimetic 2013 (**)

Mimetic’s mix of cabaret and theatre also features a number of old fashioned variety performances, and the Royal National Theatre of Fools certainly has some idea of what they’re doing, but this is a bit too old-school to be credible in this day and age. At Mimetic 2013. I have always found variety acts a … Continue reading / Review / Writing: Journalism

Onwards, Upwards and Sideways at Mimetic 2013 (**)

Mimetic’s mantra of supporting the stranger side of performance is given a test in The Mostly Everything People’s mixed bill Onwards, Upwards and Sideways. A couple of pieces impress, but this may just have meandered too far into the strange. At Mimetic 2013. I like to think of myself as a relatively open-minded reviewer – … Continue reading / Review / Writing: Journalism

A bit odd: Reduced to Clear Cabaret at Mimetic 2013 (****)

Mimetic 2013 celebrates the darker side of performance art and cabaret, and The Late Night Shop’s Reduced to Clear Cabaret epitomises this with their bold burlesque/clowning show that mixes traditional forms and styles with some modern twists and spice. Not every experiment succeeds, but then again, the overall effect is rather enjoyable. I’ve often found … Continue reading