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Thieving fringe!

Well, after weeks of planning, preparation and typing-it-in-all-over-again, the Brighton Fringe Registration finished last Monday. Everyone finished scrambling for venues and most of their haggling as the deadline struck, and now all events for the Brighton Fringe are, for the most part, only rehearsals away from being performable! However, in all of this excitement, something … Continue reading

A Fistful of Snow [2009] / Directing/Producing / Reviews

A Fistful of Snow (****1/2) [published on]

BY RICHARD STAMP Oh, I just have no idea how to review this show.  I loved it, even when I hated it; I admired the plot, though I often suspected I hadn’t understood it at all; I winced at the jokes even as I rocked with laughter… and although, deep down, I think it must be wonderful, I’m honestly not sure I can tell … Continue reading

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The fringe finale

FROM 20/05/09 May 25th, Brighton Unitarian Church, 13.00 – late Tickets: £15 (all day pass), £10 (Afternoon of Theatre), £5 (Night of Music), £5 (Individual Theatre shows) I’m pleased to announce the Fringe Finale, organised in tandem with FringeReview; your perfect end to this year’s Fringe madness! It promises to be an excellent day, an … Continue reading