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Opening night

And so we reach opening night… Today is the day the Fringe kicks off, previews are on in all of the main venues, and it’s all coming to a head. Flyers are being handed out ferociously, emails are being sent expediently, and, generally, everyone’s on the move!

Today, ladies and gentlemen, is a day to be kind. Chances are, the people giving you flyers, walking around with their heads in their hands, are stressed beyond belief. All of their work over the past year/month/week comes to a head today, and all they want is success. Some are in it for the money, and are doing number crunches in their head, calculating if they have enough money for food next month. Some are in it for the success, the fame, and just want people to come who will offer them jobs and a chance to shine. Others are in it for the love, and these are the ones I fear for the most. They work and perform with their heart, and it’s their heart that will get broken. Give all of these guys a chance, some of them will need some of your enthusiasm and support, especially today.

With that in mind, today I give you the preview for my show, A Fistful of Snow.

A Fistful of Snow

C soco (studio 1), Aug 5-31, 20.00, £6.50-£9.50

The story is of Chester James, a famous author, whose first novel catapulted him to incredible heights of success. ‘The Nullarbor Gunslinger’, an Australian pulp western, was popularised in film, on stage, on the small screen, and made James a rich, international star at the tender age of 16. Now, at 35, Chester has written nothing of quality since, so he has decided to isolate himself far away from civilisation, guarding the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, near the Arctic Circle. Waiting for inspiration to strike, Chester’s mind has started to fray, and his interactions with some of the inanimate objects around the cabin, including an inflatable moose head, as well as his tentative forays into his past, form the basis for an epic, surreal story.

With Fistful, we’ve managed to create something really special: a comedy that tugs at the heart-strings. We hope people get emotionally involved as well as laugh themselves silly, and Danny Alder is certainly the lead actor to take you there, with credits ranging from Eastenders to some really big shows back in Australia. I leave you with quotes from some of our reviews, and hope you can make it too!

‘A box of delights!’ ***** Tim Earl, Broadway Baby
‘Be prepared for a capricious night of laughter, bewilderment and maybe even tears’ **** Clare Younger, Three Weeks
‘Danny Alder is flawless’ ***** Andrew Kaye, Latest 7
‘Miss it at your peril!!’ **** Richard Stamp, Fringe Guru
‘cleverly written and impressively executed piece of original theatre’ **** Paul Levy, Fringe Review


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