A Fistful of Snow [2009] / Directing/Producing

A Fistful of Snow: Overview


The poster for the Edinburgh run (much the same as the poster for the Brighton run). Yes, that’s shaving foam.

starsmallerstarsmallerstarsmallerstarsmallerstarsmaller ‘a box of delights’ (Broadway Baby)
starsmallerstarsmallerstarsmallerstarsmallerstarsmaller ‘witty, clever and utterly compelling’ (Latest 7)
starsmallerstarsmallerstarsmallerstarsmaller 1/2 ‘wacky, thoughtful and funny’ (FringeGuru)
starsmallerstarsmallerstarsmallerstarsmaller ‘cleverly written and impressively executed piece of original theatre (FringeReview)
starsmallerstarsmallerstarsmallerstarsmaller ‘hilarious, poignant and quite simply bizarre’ (ThreeWeeks)
starsmallerstarsmallerstarsmaller ‘hilarious moments’ (The List)
‘excellent’ (The Groggy Squirrel)
‘an enjoyable hour’ (The Stage)
AWARDED ‘BEST DEATH SCENE’ (The Edinburgh Fringe Podcast, Edinburgh Fringe ’09)
and ‘BEST MALE PERFORMER’ (Latest 7, Brighton Fringe ’09)
NOMINATED for ‘BEST THEATRE PERFORMANCE’ (Latest 7, Brighton Fringe ’09)

The wacky and wonderful ‘A Fistful of Snow’ was the brainchild of myself and Danny Alder: a peculiar one-man comedy show about isolation, creativity and madness, which Danny performed and I directed/produced. Critically acclaimed and award-winning, the show opened to sell-out nights at the Brighton Festival Fringe ’09, which inspired us to take it to C soco at the Edinburgh Fringe ’09 (assisted by Hartshorn-Hook Productions).

The story features Chester James, a writer who suffers from writer’s block. Taking drastic action, Chester decides to relocate to Svalbard, and gets a job guarding the Global Seed Vault. Now, his isolation is driving him around the bend: his only companions are a talking inflatable Moose, a budgie cage full of Post-It notes, a well-read Polar Bear and a sh*t-load of seeds.

Featuring comedy songs, bizarre voices-off, a complicated and full soundscape (including pre-recorded sections with plenty of celebs, including Tim Minchin and Glenn Wool) and a final epic dance number, ‘A Fistful of Snow’ won us awards and amazing reviews.


MOOSE, DAVE, POLAR BEAR, etc. – Chris Hislop

Director – Chris Hislop
Writers – Chris Hislop and Danny Alder
Sound Designers – Chris Hislop and Danny Alder
Lighting – George Williams/Gillie Alder


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