Ghoulish fun: Hag at the Soho Theatre (***) / Review / Writing: Journalism

Ghoulish fun: Hag at the Soho Theatre (***)

The Wrong Crowd’s star continues to rise with their latest evocative puppet/theatre blend Hag, which follows much in the mould of their previous hit success The Girl with the Iron Claws. The forgettable story is a shame, but the frequent flashes of brilliance still make for an entertaining experience. At the Soho Theatre. The trendy tendency towards … Continue reading

How to be a modern woman: Fleabag at the Soho Theatre (*****) / Review / Writing: Journalism

How to be a modern woman: Fleabag at the Soho Theatre (*****)

Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s award-winning, critically acclaimed monologue comes to London after a hugely successful Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and it doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. At Soho Theatre. In a play acted and written by the same person, it stands to reason that she will draw most of the focus: in this case, Phoebe Waller-Bridge has long … Continue reading / Review / Writing: Journalism

Brou-ha-noir: Bane at Soho Theatre (****)

Joe Bone’s incredibly successful one-man-and-a-guitarist show about noir detective Bruce Bane has been a hit all over the UK, from Brighton to Edinburgh, and his performance of all 3 one-hour segments at the Soho Theatre was a sight to behold. This must be about the fifth time I’ve seen Bane – Joe Bone’s film-noir pastiche … Continue reading / Review / Writing: Journalism

Riveting banality: Mydidae at Soho Theatre (****)

Jack Thorne’s enfant terrible status is once again upheld by his new play Mydidae, which has required the upstairs space at the Soho Theatre to incorporate a fully-plumbed bathroom, where we watch the everyday banalities of Marian and David’s life spill over into their attempts to deal with tragedy: exciting, powerful stuff. No one could claim that Jack … Continue reading / Review / Writing: Journalism

Myth meets the Arab Spring: Arab Nights at the Soho Theatre (***)

Metta Theatre’s Arab Nights modernises the myth of Scheherezade and her thousand and one tales to incorporate stories from the current and past conflicts that have plagued the Arab world. The concept is strong, as are production and performance, but the variance in tone makes for some troubling juxtapositions at the Soho Theatre. The story of A … Continue reading / Review / Writing: Journalism

Failure to Launch: Blast Off! at the Soho Theatre (**)

Misshapen Theatre’s sci-fi short play night Blast Off! comes highly recommended, but this particular outing may not have been representative, with far more of the short pieces missing the mark over making a really resounding impact. The idea here is strong, but in execution Blast Off! was sorely lacking. At the Soho Theatre. Being a self-confessed sci-fi aficionado (read: … Continue reading