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The Only True History of Lizzie Finn (****)

Sebastian Barry’s quietly insightful play about Irish-dancer-with-a-lust-for-life Lizzie Finn meanders along without much to sink your teeth into, but the result is still charmingly endearing, full of recognisable situations and a pleasing idealism that belies the more stolid plot. This is a play in need of a purpose, but sits well for the while. At … Continue reading / Review / Writing: Journalism

The Bacchae (***)

Resuscitate Theatre’s production of The Bacchae modernises the myth, favouring a character study over the more classical themes of sexism, sexuality and religion, and the result is a mixed success. This is enjoyable in parts, but generally lacking in solid focus and drive. At Southwark Playhouse. The Bacchae follows Dionysus, god of madness and wine, as he … Continue reading / Review / Writing: Journalism

Execution of Justice (***)

Verbatim theatre, theatre’s answer to the vogue modern docudrama, rightly claims to be truthful: using only text from historical sources, it captures accurately instead of emotively, offering a potentially less-romanticised series of events. However, in Execution of Justice, the choice and juxtaposition of sources has instead led to an overwrought and unfortunately simplistic view of … Continue reading