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Reginald D Hunter: The Only Apple in the Garden of Eden and Niggas (****1/2)

Udderbelly’s Pasture (venue details) 16 – 30 Aug, 10:00pm (11:00pm) Reginald D Hunter is in danger of becoming a comedy icon: famous for his panel show appearances, as well as his sell-out runs at the Edinburgh Festival, it is fascinating to see what sort of crowds he attracts. There are clearly people present who have … Continue reading / Writing: Journalism

Dan Antopolski: Silent but Deadly (****1/2)

Pleasance Dome (venue details) 5 – 31 Aug, 9:20pm (10:20pm) One word: daft. There’s no better way to describe Dan Antopolski’s strange style of stand-up – a confounding mixture of one-liners, awkward laughs, comedy charts and rap songs. Yes, the man raps, and also has visual aids… This awkwardness creates a wonderful complicity with the … Continue reading / Review / Writing: Journalism

Kent Valentine: How to Love Everyone (Even the Arseholes) (****1/2)

The GRV (venue details) 6 – 30 Aug (not 18), 9:20pm (10:20pm) The stereotypical image of an Aussie comic is a loud, aggressive braggart, so it is refreshing to see an Australian stand-up who is just delightfully charming. Kent Valentine couples this charm with a refreshing and bouncy wit, which makes for a really lovely … Continue reading

A Fistful of Snow [2009] / Directing/Producing / Reviews

A Fistful of Snow (****1/2) [published on]

BY RICHARD STAMP Oh, I just have no idea how to review this show.  I loved it, even when I hated it; I admired the plot, though I often suspected I hadn’t understood it at all; I winced at the jokes even as I rocked with laughter… and although, deep down, I think it must be wonderful, I’m honestly not sure I can tell … Continue reading