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Simon Annand: “I’m sorry, I’m not a snapper”

Simon Annand has been photographing actors for over 25 years. His latest book, The Half, is a collection of photos of actors in their dressing rooms, capturing the half-an-hour before they appear on stage. Annand speaks with Chris Hislop about his photography, and the care that goes into working within a usually private space. Simon describes these … Continue reading

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Interview with Rainer Hersch

Rainer Hersch, musician, comedian and musical comedian, has a very personal connection with Victor Borge. Like Borge, Hersch’s German father came to England without speaking a word of English, and it’s the story of how Borge became who he was that has inspired Hersch’s upcoming production, aptly named Rainer Hersch’s Victor Borge. Now in its … Continue reading / Review / Writing: Journalism

Fanta Orange (****)

READ THE ORIGINAL REVIEW ON FRINGEREVIEW! LOWDOWN Sally Woodcock’s debut piece is a striking piece about the state of modern Africa, told through a crisp, witty love triangle. Crossing racial and ethical boundaries, it flirts with political incorrectness while indulging all manner of casual assumptions about what it means to be African and live in … Continue reading / Review / Writing: Journalism

The Provoked Wife (****)

READ THE ORIGINAL REVIEW ON FRINGEREVIEW! LOWDOWN Among Restoration comedies, The Provoked Wife‘s notoriety is often attributed to its difficult subject matter: in the 1700s, women were expected to be virtuous and honourable, while men could do, within reason, whatever they pleased – how then do we judge a ‘provoked’ woman, unhappily married, engaging in … Continue reading