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Preview: The Maternal Instinct (by Monica Bauer) [published on]

BY RICHARD STAMP We admit – we’re taking a chance today, and recommending a play we’ve never actually seen. In fact, it’s having its UK premiere here in Brighton. But there’s no disputing its pedigree: playwright Monica Bauer’s previous work earned our top rating in Edinburgh last year, while director Chris Hislop has consistently impressed … Continue reading / Review / Writing: Journalism

Spaghetti Western Orchestra (***)

Brighton Dome – Pavilion Theatre (venue details) It’s really exciting to see something this original during an event with the size and scope of the Brighton Comedy Festival – and the Spaghetti Western Orchestra do not disappoint, with their interesting mixture of comedy, music and Ennio Morricone. It’s a slick and entertaining act, and the talent on … Continue reading / Review / Writing: Journalism

Alexis Dubus: A R*ddy Brief History of Swearing (***)

Downstairs at the Tron (venue details) 6 – 30 Aug (not 19), 6:20pm (7:20pm) We all love to swear, there’s no denying it. As an expression of passion, anger or vehemence, there is nothing better – but I’m supposed to keep this review “clean”, otherwise I’d be both cursing and passionately supporting Alexis Dubus in … Continue reading / Review / Writing: Journalism

Brendon Burns: Comedy Good Yeah Silly Side C**t (****)

Pleasance Courtyard (venue details) 28, 29 Aug, 10:30pm (11:30pm) An Aussie comic with much to prove, Brendon Burns seemingly drags controversy in his wake, especially following the recent Guardian tirade against ‘offensive’ comedy. This is a man known for his on-stage outbursts and ‘difficult’ material, his controversial outspokenness and his foul mouth. However, Brendon Burns … Continue reading