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Foxfinder (*****)

Winner of Papatango’s New Writing competition 2011, Foxfinder is a haunting and striking new piece. Exceptionally written, directed and performed, this remarkably tense modern parable has all the hallmarks of an instant classic – a superlative achievement from all involved. The rural setting is terse and acerbic, evoking influences from Cold Comfort Farm through Straw Dogs to Kafka, and Dawn King can only … Continue reading

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Speechless (****)

Shared Experience’s production of Speechless strongly defies categorisation, bouncing weirdly between real-life story, allegory and cultural comment, although the end result manages to tie all of these threads into an engaging story. Excellently performed and staged, with numerous moments of striking stagecraft, there is little to criticise here in terms of production. However, it is in desperate … Continue reading

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Preview Article: Year of the Monkey: The return of rep?

With foundation courses at drama schools becoming increasingly competitive, Fourth Monkey Theatre Company is offering another alternative to actors in need of training: “Year of the Monkey”, a combined training programme and repertory company. Fifty-four young actors (all 18-30 years old) will receive a year’s worth of part-time training, as well as perform in 12 … Continue reading