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Reasons for being rubbish at blogging #98

It is, in many ways, an indictment of my commitment to blogging that it now takes two hands to count the number of times I’ve written articles ABOUT blogging – specifically, about returning to it. And here’s another one…

Because there will be more blog articles – yes, it’s been a year, but I put this on ice for 2 reasons:

  1. My beautiful son. The lead up to, birth and subsequent child-rearing of the little munchkin was (and is) incredibly time-consuming but infinitely worthwhile. It’s one of the aspects of parenting that’s impossible to explain to an outsider – you do miss the frequent nights out, the less regimented and regulated life of the non-parent, but there’s an intimate joy to spending as much time as possible with your offspring and watching their development. And, to be honest, I didn’t want to blog about it – it’s too personal.
  2. Working as a PR. This last year has been a new step into a territory that does feel blissfully familiar yet wildly new, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the other side of the fence from my previous press work. But with it comes a whole new string of challenges, including (but not exclusively) the ever-difficult question of impartiality and opinion. I’ve struggled with whether it’s more important that I smile politely and “like” everything in the hope of pleasing more clients, or whether I should be honest and thus threaten working relationships… and it’s not an easy balance, nor is reviewing theatre (which, let’s face it, used to be the bulk of this blog) particularly helpful to the mind-state when it’s pondering this.

But this is all changing. The sproglet’s entering day care and I find myself with a smidgeon more time, and the work situation is developing in a new direction – I don’t want to be too candid, but more on that soon. And I was offered to review Great Britain and I thought “why not?”, so expect that in the next couple of days. And the customary revamp/redesign/reworking of this blog that always comes after I’ve left it for a while and come back to it…

If you’re still reading – thank you. My goodness, you are loyal.

If you’re new to this, this probably means little – but thank you for reading, all the same.

On to new heights!


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