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Review: It’s a Puppet Life with Stickyback Theatre. And fart noises [published on]


It’s a Puppet Life is sketch comedy with puppets, people, puppets interacting with people. Or is it the other way around?

There are blue, red, brown, purple, white, orange and multi-coloured puppets, big and small puppets, shadow puppets, puppets who sell the big issue and The Predator. Yes, the one who gave Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny Glover and even the Alien such a hard time. This time he’s ripping people’s spines out in a not-so-genteel Pride and Prejudice land.

The puppets are pretty badly behaved but not as badly as some members of the human cast. One guy gets such a quantity of talc thrown in his face that he is blinded for the rest of the sketch and beyond.

Shadow puppetry also features: In Godzilla vs 2012, our hero pops out for some milk and Femfresh for the missus but, on finding out the price of a bus fare without an Oyster card, goes on the rampage, destroying London during the Olympics.

Like most sketch shows, there’s hit and miss. Some of the sketches in It’s a Puppet Life left me mystified but others are very funny indeed. But the puppets are the stars of the show singing us in and out with their jolly rendition of It’s a Puppet Life (with apologies to Frank Sinatra no doubt).


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