Directing/Producing / The Love of the Nightingale [2011]

The Love of the Nightingale: Overview

gorilla marketing - teaser 2 - love of the nightingaleThe poster for The Love of the Nightingale.

starsmallerstarsmallerstarsmaller “a striking and haunting display that is sure to stay with the audience long after they leave the theatre” (The Public Reviews)
starsmallerstarsmallerstarsmaller “dynamic and visceral… a captivating production” (The Gizzle Reviews)

I directed a production of The Love of the Nightingale for Fourth Monkey Theatre Company, to be performed as part of their Year of the Monkey season.

Year of the Monkey offered 54 young actors a year of part-time theatre training, including performing in 6 Off West-End productions in London (at Theatro Technis) and in 6 productions at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012.

This was, by far, one of the worst directing experiences I’ve ever had. Fourth Monkey’s entire model is predicated on young actors paying for training and to be involved in productions, but in the first year this was far from refined, leaving far too many young people far too exhausted to work properly. The producer became very hostile, presumably at his inability to control three entire productions’ worth of actors, and the stress was grinding. I was still quite pleased with the production, although it did end up being rather too raw for its own good, although the stunning costume and set design was a delight. Kuba Drewa’s physical theatre/dance inspired movement was an impressive addition, as was Matt Gardner’s help with stage combat.


PHILOMELE – Lucia Young
PROCNE – Leanna Wigginton
TEREUS – Grant Russell
NIOBE – Andi Bradley
ITYS – Anthony Hollis
CAPTAIN – Flo O’Mahony

female chorus
ECHO – Ema Staicut
HERO – Georgina Morton
HELEN – Bryony Tebbutt
IRIS – Katie Turner
JUNO – Chloe-Jayne Addiscott
PHAEDRA – Carlotta Cutrupi
NURSE – Shala Sayad
QUEEN – Sophie Hopkins

male chorus
HERO – Daniel Chrisostomou
VILLAIN – James Lewis
SCHOLAR – Scott McGarrick
BARD/PANDION – Nick Sellers

Director – Chris Hislop
Assistant Director – Kuba Drewa
Writer – Timberlake Wertenbaker
Set Designer – Eleanor Field
Costume Designer – Zahra Mansouri
Lighting Designer – Josh Carr
Sound Designer – David Sharrock
Stage Manager – Eme Cruse
Deputy Stage Manager/Operator – Orla Ladkani
Fight Director – Matt Gardner
Assistant Producer – David Ledger

Produced by Steve Green for Fourth Monkey Theatre Company as part of Year of the Monkey

Production shots of The Love of the Nightingale.

Rehearsal shots of The Love of the Nightingale.

Designs for the central column.

Promos for the show.


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