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Right as rain

And after that moaning, groaning, self-depricating blog post about having no work… Let’s just say the tables have turned. Yes, it’s been a good week for unpaid (or profit-share) theatre work – although enough said about money already!

So, it’s another shout-out blog post about my upcoming projects! Opening next week is a production of The Barber of Seville at the King’s Head, which I am stage managing – the production opened last year to rave reviews, and is now running in rep all through February and March. I’m also assistant directing a new translation of The Fireraisers by Max Frisch with Something Wicked Productions, which is running from the 7th – 20th of March at the Baron’s Court Theatre. Finally, I’m sound designing a rehearsed reading of a new play, Reunion, by up-and-coming writer Jamie Griffiths at Theatre 503 for Attic Theatre Company at the end of February – although this one’s not really open to the public folks!

Just goes to show how a little graft and plenty of applications can lead to some really exciting work – I think I can safely say that the winter blues are banished. It’s strange to think how much your mind can get in the way of success – I clearly needed some time to come to grips with some bigger issues about my life and career choices, and maybe that’s fine in a field that relies so much on applying endlessly and putting yourself out there, but it’s nice to know that, once you put your mind to it, you can find what you need – a heartening opposite to so many tales you hear within the field. Or maybe I’ve just been lucky…

There’s also no denying how supportive an industry this can be – after that last blog post, the number of encouraging texts, emails and coffee meetings was a lovely reminder that, while we can all be rather cut-throat, this can also be an industry of caring friends and colleagues – thanks to all of you who put in a good word, as well as the friends and family outside the industry too!

Eitherway, plenty to do now – plus a plethora of writing opportunites with closing dates ending soon, and the other bits and pieces I’ve applied for that could be very exciting indeed – life beginning to get back on track.


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