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Edinburgh Fringe 2010 Mini-Preview: The Wake

These are mini-previews for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2010: click on the show title to get ticket bookings through the Edinburgh Fringe website, and on the company to go to their website (if they have one). If you have any recommendations or would like a mini-preview, please comment or email

THE WAKE / Misshapen Theatre Company / Bedlam Theatre

6 – 28 August / 20:00 / £7/5

Admittedly, this is a bit of a shot in the dark, but this new production by new company Misshapen Theatre does look to be a bit of a sleeper hit at this year’s Fringe. The reason I’m so drawn to this production is, primarily, because of the exceptional press it’s already received: it won the Judges Award for Comedy at the NSDF 2009, and was reviewed very nicely by the Sunday Times, so this young company do come to Edinburgh with a lot behind them. With the Fringe these days awash with various student drama companies and productions, many of which are not up to par with most of the professional and semi-professional companies, this may be the student theatre piece to look out for this year, with a young cast and production team all champing at the bit to making this a career.

The Times review describes the piece as a cross between ‘Pirandello and Whitehall farce’, so expect plenty of funny characters and silly puns! This does look like a lot of fun, and what better fun than fun that’s already been recommended as such? Give this one a go: you may be seeing some of theatre’s rising stars!

FOR FANS OF: Student drama / Pirandello / Farce


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