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Edinburgh Fringe 2010 Mini-Preview: Daniel Rigby

These are mini-previews for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2010: click on the show title to get ticket bookings through the Edinburgh Fringe website, and on the company to go to their website (if they have one). If you have any recommendations or would like a mini-preview, please comment or email

DANIEL RIGBY: AFTERBIRTH / Mick Perrin for Just for Laughs Live / Pleasance Courtyard

4 – 30 August / 19:15 / £9.50/£8

Some of you may have read my nigh-on gushing review of Daniel Rigby’s show for last year’s Edinburgh Fringe, The Mothwokfantastic (for those who haven’t, follow this link): it was one of my favourite shows of the whole Festival. Clever, original and genuinely ridiculous, this young performer’s mix of sketch, stand-up and song was hugely inventive, showing a wide range of talents and an innate ability to entertain, as well as a quirky a delightful sense of randomness: the humour bounced from topic to topic, and many of the laughs were not only down to the witty material, but also Rigby’s excellent improvisation, which had his straight man as well as the audience in hysterics.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to catch Rigby’s new show: I have no idea if much of last year’s style of humour has been retained, or whether this beast is something entirely different: it certainly sounds more like a stand-up show from the blurb. Still, on the strength of last year’s incredible show, I’m more than happy to recommend this under-appreciated performer: this is a guy destined for greatness. If you like witty and clever jokes, and are willing to take a bit of a punt, Rigby’s definitely someone to go and see: I only hope he’s retained his comedy music, which is both excellent and original.

FOR FANS OF: Tim Minchin / John Cleese / Dan Antopolski


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