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Acting corporate

With an acting career that’s finally paying off, it’s hit me how it is entirely not what I expected when I first wanted this sort of work. I always thought I’d need more training, or at least some sort of ‘big break’, but no; it’s just sort of happened. Jobs that pay a little have come up in dribs and drabs, and it’s all started to add up rather excellently. Interestingly, they’re not your little plays in back-water towns, they’re corporate gigs. They’re workshops and short pieces. They’re a side of theatre I didn’t really think about, or realised existed until I got involved myself.

Now, I have no idea how widespread these type of gigs are, but I do recommend them, not only for the steady work. I’ve discovered so much more about myself as an actor in these jobs than I thought I would, and the difference in audience reaction is really striking. People aren’t there to be entertained, they’re often there to learn, or understand, or gain something from the situation beyond a laugh and a nice evening. The attention they give is a huge step from what I’m used to.

Final note: Nearly all of my old writing bits and pieces (that are in any way worth reading) are now on, have a look!


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