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Sickness and death

Ugh… I feel terrible. I have an unfortunate propensity to get ill just before an exciting event, and Edinbrugh is showing to be no different. The good news is it’s not the dreaded swine flu, seem to have dodged a bullet with that one.

I’m now sitting on a bus, on the long journey from Brighton to Edinburgh, and I wanted to use the opportunity to tell you of the sheer joy and delight I have for these mystical transportation devices. Travelling by bus is a very special joy, one that cannot be relegated to cramped seats and stale air. Here is my nirvana, for here my laptop runs out of batteries, here my phone gets no signal. Here I cannot be my workaholic self, here I can curl up with a book, knowing that I can’t work on anything else… This is heaven. Compare with your paltry train or airplane travel, and you will find this wins on all counts. Trains are packed and smelly, and stop- start the whole way. No one takes the bus anymore, so it’s mercifully quiet, plus it only stops at 2-3 places every 6-7 hours, as it would otherwise take far too long. Airplanes, on the other hand, are so dry and horrid, and you have to go through hours of security to sit squished next to two people in a tin-can in the sky. On buses, you have space, you can open a window, and security is laxer than a louche man smoking a Galloise.

Also, I’m still ill, so everyone assumes I have swine flu, so they give me a huge bearth. I have the back bench to myself! And in light of travelling in style, but feeling like death, today’s preview is all about zombies!

Opening Night of the Living Dead

Aug 6th-31st, 22:45, £6.50-£9.50, C Cubed

I love zombies. I really, really do. I love the concept, the grotesque nature of the living dead, the whole survival-horror genre… Really tickles me fancy. So a play that combines theatre, Shakespeare and zombies is, to coin a phrase from Greg Wallace, ‘right up my Strada’.

The play, apparently, is Romeo and Juliet. The actors are a mixture of soapy cliches: the lead actor is so self-obsessed that he cannot remember his lines, the grovelling techie is in love with the radiant lead actress… and then the dead start to walk the earth! What happens beyond then is anyone’s guess.

The concept of this looks, from the outside, absolutely excellent. Three nice intermingling and twisting stories, that probably (hopefully) all play out to influence each other, seem tightly cast and rehearsed, and with a great production team behind them, this show looks raring to go! Check out their website and promo video (, and book tickets now ( for what looks to be silly romantic theatre with a zombie twist! I certainly cannot wait.


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