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The north invades! Companies and reviewers galore!

It’s all becoming about Edinburgh, isn’t it? I promise this is all Brighton centric news… well, most of it.

First things first, Fringe Guru, one of Edinburgh’s independent review teams, have a reviewer patrolling Brighton’s murky waters. Seems like a nice chap, and came to see OEDIPUS too, so big props there! Have a look at their website and invite them to your show, I say we help Fringe Guru start their first Brighton year with a big bang!

As well, I’ve started spending a bit of time with Louis Hartshorn and Brian Hook, of (you’ve guessed it) Hartshorn and Hook Productions. They’re based in Manchester, but are looking after the Unitarian Church for this year’s Brighton Fringe… and there’s a lot of good stuff to see. I’d recommend the following: Emigrants (a show in a camper-van, absolutely brilliant), Macbeth (always a fan of the Scottish play) and Opposite of Waiting (A Beckettian solo-piece).

Anyhoo, get down to the Unitarian Church for a collection of excellent shows, and otherwise come see OEDIPUS tonight or tomorrow. We are beating the elements! Come wind or rain we will be there, in force! Don’t be shy now.


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