Who is Chris Hislop?

I basically live by the catch-all phrase “I work in theatre.” I’ve been a critic, director, writer, actor, producer, PR, editor, sound designer, dramaturg, reviewer, stage manager and random dogsbody in various guises since the late 90s – if you count school plays…

Currently, I’m an arts PR for Chloe Nelkin Consulting, and I’m freelance directing/producing theatre in London.


What I’m Currently Working On:

PR (with Chloe Nelkin Consulting) – Circa: Beyond, Guilt and Shame: Going Straight, Deborah Frances-White: Half a Can of Worms, Hiraeth by Buddug James Jones, Last Christmas by Matthew Bulgo, Newsrevue, Mock Tudor by Lily Bevan, Party in the USA!, Spine by Clara Brennan, Wingman by Richard Marsh, The Ideastap Underbelly Award (Edinburgh Fringe 2014), The Me Plays, The Picture of John Gray, Neil LaBute’s Autobahn, Dessa Rose, Drag King Richard III, The Breaker’s Yard, National Trust London, David Breuer-Weil

Writing Projects with Matt Beresford


Writer and DirectorSomething’s Got the Elephant, A Fistful of Snow, Oedipus, Squares

DirectorThe Philosopher’s Tale, The Maternal Instinct, Top Bunk, It’s a Puppet Life, The Love of the Nightingale, The Shakespeare Conspiracy, Who is Moloch, More Light, When All the Crowds Have Gone, ‘ART’, The Mercy Seat, Amadeus, Hysteria

Assistant DirectorOrchids in the Moonlight

ProducerStickyback Theatre, Castles in the Sky Productions, Delphic Theatre, Lebenskuenstler

Associate Producer – Princess Mononoke with Robert Bradish Ltd. and Whole Hog Theatre

Sound DesignerTop Bunk, The Love of the Nightingale, The Shakespeare Conspiracy, Reunion, Who is Moloch, More Light, When All the Crowds Have Gone, A Fistful of Snow, The Mercy Seat, Amadeus

PR (freelance) – Show Me The Money (Chelsea Theatre), What’s Wrong With Angry (King’s Head Theatre)

Past Work – One Stop Artsediting, reviewing, sales and marketing; Whats On StageFringeReviewFringe GuruIndieoma, Yelp.com

Reviews (for Writing and Directing)

starsmallerstarsmallerstarsmallerstarsmallerstarsmaller “…in the reflected lustre of this impeccable performance, Snoo Wilson’s enigmatic vision truly shines” (More Light, Fringe Guru)

starsmallerstarsmallerstarsmallerstarsmallerstarsmaller “a box of delights” (A Fistful of Snow, Broadway Baby)

starsmallerstarsmallerstarsmallerstarsmallerstarsmaller “witty, clever and utterly compelling” (A Fistful of Snow, Latest 7)

starsmallerstarsmallerstarsmallerstarsmaller 1/2 “wacky, thoughtful and funny” (A Fistful of Snow, Fringe Guru)

starsmallerstarsmallerstarsmallerstarsmaller “entertaining, articulate, erudite and sometimes witty nonsense” (More Light, Whats On Stage)

starsmallerstarsmallerstarsmallerstarsmaller “a witty, solidly performed and rather unique piece of theatre” (More Light, TrashLounge)

starsmallerstarsmallerstarsmallerstarsmaller “tremendous energy and passion… the effortless originality of this fast-paced interpretation would undoubtedly enchant anyone remotely interested in Greek mythology” (Oedipus, ThreeWeeks)

starsmallerstarsmallerstarsmallerstarsmaller “the play touched a part of me that my classics-free education never reached. I feel the better for it” (Oedipus, Fringe Guru)

starsmallerstarsmallerstarsmallerstarsmaller “brings a fresh perspective to the human dilemma” (When All the Crowds Have Gone, Fringe Guru)

starsmallerstarsmallerstarsmallerstarsmaller “subtle and intense piece of theatre” (When All the Crowds Have Gone, FringeReview)

starsmallerstarsmallerstarsmallerstarsmaller “cleverly written and impressively executed piece of original theatre” (A Fistful of Snow, FringeReview)

starsmallerstarsmallerstarsmallerstarsmaller “hilarious, poignant and quite simply bizarre” (A Fistful of Snow, ThreeWeeks)

starsmallerstarsmallerstarsmallerstarsmaller “a rather entertaining romp” (The Shakespeare Conspiracy, RemoteGoat)

starsmallerstarsmallerstarsmaller “striking and haunting display that is sure to stay with the audience long after they leave the theatre” (The Love of the Nightingale, The Public Reviews)

starsmallerstarsmallerstarsmaller “captivating, hilarious and incredibly sexy” (The Shakespeare Conspiracy, BroadwayBaby)

starsmallerstarsmallerstarsmaller “Chris Hislop hits the sense of urgency needed to make a farce fly” (The Philosopher’s Tale, Views From the Gods)


Awarded BEST DEATH SCENE (The Edinburgh Fringe Podcast, Edinburgh Fringe ’09) for A Fistful of Snow (Edinburgh Fringe / Brighton Fringe Production, C soco / Upstairs at Three and Ten, 2009)

Nominated for BEST THEATRE PRODUCTION (Latest 7, Brighton Fringe ’09) for A Fistful of Snow (Edinburgh Fringe / Brighton Fringe Production, C soco / Upstairs at Three and Ten, 2009)

Shortlisted for THE ALLEN WRIGHT AWARD (Edinburgh Fringe ’09)



Chris is an insightful and passionate advocate of theatre and I very much appreciate his skillful writing and reviewing. Bob Gilchrist

He’s full of commitment, creativity, energy and a genuine openness. Paul Levy, Fringe Review

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with Chris for the last six months or so and cannot speak highly enough of his enthusiasm, energy and attention to detail. When I started reviewing theatre for onestoparts.com he immediately gave me sound and constructive criticism, advice and, perhaps most importantly, the confidence to be opinionated in print. We’ve recently started work together on a new project and it’s very reassuring to have Chris at the heart of the endeavour. David Balcombe, Verity Productions and One Stop Arts

Chris is well equipped with the skills to manage his website. He is a talented writer and knows the areas he writes about very well from his work in that industry. Cassandra Hodges

Chris is never less than polite, patient and organised with often scatty reviewers. He’s an excellent manager and always on top of things. Katy Darby

Chris has always worked hard to produce work of a high quality, either working on our behalf as a director or reviewing our plays he has always been honest and fair. Pepe Pryke, The Rose Theatre

Chris has created a fantastic, smart website which previews many shows not only in the commercial sector but also on the fringe. One Stop Arts is an invaluable tool for young producers to be able to market their shows. It also provides reviews and publishes them enabling young producers with shorter runs and one off performances to have a chance of gaining feedback on their shows. It also offers advertising opportunities which are always aimed at a theatrical audience. Katy Lipson, Aria Entertainment

It has been a joy to work with Chris Hislop of OneStopArts. Chris has reviewed our productions and has helped us to promote our work to a large and varied audience. We look forward to continuing our partnership and exploring new and exciting ways of developing our relationship. Susan Jamson, Chickenshed

As well as his work for us as a reviewer, Chris led development of the brand identity and marketing campaign for our new product, iFringe. We, the directors of the company, were generally unfamiliar with this area and benefited considerably from Chris’s advice. He put together a professional briefing for us, helped us understand the reasons behind his recommendations and guided us gently away from our occasional mis-steps. We have been very happy with the brand identity developed and are continuing to use it as our product evolves. Richard Stamp, Fringe Guru


I personally reviewed two plays co-written and directed by Chris Hislop at the Brighton Fringe 2009. The first, Oedipus, impressed with its vision and ambition, both in the choice of an outdoor space and in the decision to create a version of the myth which was true to the classics but accessible to a modern audience. The second, A Fistful Of Snow, was a more conventional production, with a cleverly-constructed and surprisingly thought-provoking script. I’m looking forward to seeing more of his work in the future. Richard Stamp, Fringe Guru

Chris was a wonderfully calm and relaxed director to work with on The Shakespeare Conspiracy. Over the course of several months rehearsal he allowed space for individual character development as well as pointing the cast back in the right direction when needed. The play was very well received, gaining laughs in all the right places, and moving the audience in the more dramatic moments. He was a pleasure to work with. Alexa Brown

Chris directed my production of The Shakespeare Conspiracy. He delivered a brilliant production which sold out every night and has had interest in further development. He is an excellent collaborator and has a strong sense of direction and humour, while at the same time being open to change and suggestion from both cast and creative team members. He is a young director with a great deal of potential and I look forward to his future work. Andrew Shepherd, ACS Random

Chris is a supportive and motivational director. He has great clarity of vision which enables him to get the best out his actors whilst still maintaining a sense of fun and enthusiasm. A constantly positive presence during the rehearsal period and a joy to work with. Holly Janowski

Chris directed More Light for me in 2010 at the Rose Theatre Bankside. We got 4 star reviews and the production was a huge success. Chris is a fantastic director and handled everything for the show. Cassandra Hodges

(all recommendations from LinkedIn)

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